December 2021:

Welcome to new graduate students Jarrod and Monica!

Congratulations to undergraduate London who is graduating this semester!

November 2021:

When you can’t go to ASMS, ASMS comes to you! Lab watch party for the metabolomics session.

October 2021:

Our collaborative paper with Vicky Anderson and the Cichewicz lab is now published. Read it here!

Jarrod and Sayre join the lab for their 2nd rotation. Welcome!

Morgan, Mahbobeh and Zongyuan’s Methods in Enzymology book chapter is now live. Read it here!

Busy month! Laura-Isobel presents at Baylor College of Medicine, Vanderbilt, the WoodsHole Molecular Parasitology meeting and at the International Lipidomics Society annual conference and 7th Lipidomics Forum.

Danya and Gautham’s paper is published in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. Read it here!

September 2021:

Welcome to our rotation student Monica Ness and to new undergrad Henry Diaba!

Morgan passes her preliminary exam. Congratulations!

Danya and Mitchelle present at NOBCChE.

Aug 2021:

Welcome back to all our fall semester undergraduate students!

Zongyuan and Rebecca’s review is published in Current Opinion in Microbiology. Read it here!

Lots of conferences! Laura-Isobel presents virtually at ACS ChemBio Connections, the Oklahoma Center for Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunity COBRE 1st Annual Oklahoma Early-Stage Investigator Symposium and the IUPAC/Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition – all within two days!

July 2021:

Congratulations to Danya, who received a National Tuition Assistance Scholarship from the Bahamas.

Laura-Isobel gives a virtual seminar at the NIH.

June 2021:

Laura-Isobel’s mSphere of Influence perspective is published in mSphere, highlighting three articles that influenced the lab’s spatial perspective on NTD research and disease tolerance. Read it here!
Laura-Isobel is featured on Thermo Fisher’s Bringing Chemistry to Life Podcast. Listen to it here: “Episode 2 – “Why do things happen where they do?””.
Kate Wheeler joins the lab for summer research, and Camil Gosmanov comes back to the lab. Welcome both!
Michael Jimenez Sandoval joins the lab to do summer research through the NSURP program. Welcome Michael!

Laura-Isobel gives a virtual seminar for Colorado State University’s Center for Metabolism of Infectious Disease (C4MInD).

OU highlights Laura-Isobel’s Burroughs-Wellcome award in a press release. Read it here.

The lab is finally able to get together in-person again with an outdoor BBQ.

May 2021:

A strong start to the month of May, with Adwaita passing her MSc thesis defense and Zongyuan passing his general exam on the same day. Congratulations to both!

Rebecca passes her general exam, making it three for three in the lab this semester. Congratulations Rebecca!

Good news for May continue, with Adwaita’s paper on the metabolome of cutaneous leishmaniasis lesions being published in Pathogens. Read it here.

The lab was well represented at the departmental student awards: Danya received the Lloyd E. Swearingen Scholarship and Mitchelle received the Nicholas Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations both!

Laura-Isobel “visits” the Medical College of Wisconsin for a virtual seminar.

New preprint, led by visiting grad student Jacob, in collaboration with the Lewis lab and the Laboratories of Molecular Anthropology and Microbiome Research, on the core human fecal metabolome: chemical features shared in the feces across degrees of industrialization, as well as industrialization-associated chemical alterations. Read it here.

The good news keep coming! Laura-Isobel was selected as a Burroughs Wellcome Investigator in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Diseases. This will support some very exciting work on determinants of infectious disease tropism. Stay tuned!

Come join our team! Looking for a postdoctoral fellow with experience in BLS-2 mouse models and cell culture. Mass spectrometry experience not mandatory (though a plus). Apply by email to (details in the picture below).

April 2021:

Congratulations to Mahbobeh for successfully passing her General Exam. She is now a PhD candidate. Exciting times ahead!

Our collaborative paper with Kristyn HoffmanMaria Elena BottazziPeter Hotez and Kathryn Jones from Baylor College of Medicine is published in ACS Infectious Diseases, with contributions from former postdoc Ekram Hossain and current graduate student Zongyuan Liu. Read it here. 

Danya receives the OU Cleo Cross International Student Scholarship . Congratulations!

March 2021:

Check out the video Laura-Isobel made for the CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars Program interview process, a 5 min summary of our lab’s method and perspective. Watch it here.

Adwaita’s review on metabolism during kinetoplastid infections is published in Infection and Immunity. Read it here.

Danya is awarded the OU “We see you!” Award. Congratulations!

Laura-Isobel presents a seminar (virtually) at New England Biolabs.

The lab is awarded another R21. Thanks to everyone who generated the preliminary data! Stay tuned for exciting translational biomarker findings.

Mahbobeh receives two scholarships from the OU Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology, the Kenneth and Joye Harwell scholarship and the Lois Pfiester Scholarship. Congratulations!

Laura-Isobel is highlighted by Infection and Immunity as “a future leader in the field of host-microbe interactions”.

February 2021:

Laura-Isobel’s review on determinants of tropism is published in Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology. Read it here!

January 2021:

Lots of new lab members: undergraduates Rohit and Miranda and Data Science graduate student Tarini join the team. Welcome!

Laura-Isobel presents a virtual seminar at Michigan State University.

Getting the lab restarted after Christmas break. Time to thaw some cells!

December 2020:

Chaoyi passes her MSc defense. Congratulations!

Graduate student Morgan Harris joins the group. Welcome!

November 2020:

Laura-Isobel presents a virtual seminar at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Rebecca joins the group as research assistant. Welcome!

October 2020:

Laura-Isobel presents a keynote at the German Metabolomics Society (DGMet) meeting.

Morgan joins us for her second rotation. Welcome!

September 2020:

Undergraduate London Klechka joins the group. Welcome!

We are now on Instagram! Follow us at @_mccalllab.

Laura-Isobel presents a poster via zoom for the Metabolomics Association of North America conference and a talk for the Thermo Fisher Mass Spectrometry Users’ Meeting.

New preprint, in collaboration with Kristyn Hoffman, Maria Elena Bottazzi, Peter Hotez, and Kathryn Jones from Baylor College of Medicine. Contributors from the McCall lab are Laura-Isobel, graduate student Zongyuan Liu, and former postdoc Ekram Hossain. Read it here!

Danya and Mitchelle present posters at NOBCChE.

Zongyuan passes his preliminary exam. Congratulations!

August 2020:

Laura-Isobel is selected as one of C&E News’ Talented 12: the “dozen young rising stars who are using chemical know-how to change the world”: . Our research is profiled in C&E News magazine:

Danya, Adwaita and collaborator Vicky (from Dr. Cichewicz’s group) all present at the first annual GNPS User meeting, with Laura-Isobel serving as organizing committee member and session chair. Re-watch it here: (at 2:31:30).

Two of the tools we routinely use and whose development we contributed to are published in Nature Methods: ReDU and Feature-based molecular networking.

July 2020:

Graduate student Mahbobeh Lesani joins the group. Welcome!

Danya and Gautham’s preprint on chemical cartography in chronic Chagas disease is out on bioRxiv. Read it here.

New review on lung metabolomics out in PLoS Pathogens. Read it here.

The lab’s new paper on 3D mapping of host-parasite-microbiome interactions is now published in Science Advances. Led by postdoc Ekram Hossain, in collaboration with the Sankaranarayanan lab and with Diane Thomas and Sharon Lostracco-Johnson from UCSD CDIPD. Many many lab members have contributed to this paper: graduate students Danya Dean, Chaoyi Wu and Adwaita Parab; lab manager Shelley Kane; undergraduate Mitchelle Katemauswa; former undergraduates Karina Flores, Camil Gosmanov, Danyang Li; former graduate rotation students: Yiming Zhang and Stephanie Hayes. Read it here.

Postdoc Ekram moves on to new and exciting things as Staff Scientist at Covance. Good luck! It was a pleasure working with you.

June 2020:

Great representation from the lab at ASMS reboot! Posters by Ekram, Adwaita and Chaoyi, and a talk by Danya.

May 2020:

Lab members are busy recording their talks for the virtual ASMS conference. Attend the conference from the comfort of your couch and check out our research!

Adwaita’s preprint is on bioRxiv, check it out here:

April 2020:

Keeping the spirits up while working remotely! Lots of manuscript writing in the works, stay tuned.

March 2020:

Rotation student Zongyuan Liu decides to join the lab for his PhD. Lots of exciting work ahead!

February 2020:

NIH R21 awarded, which will enable us to progress our candidate Chagas disease treatment approach (discovered by chemical cartography!) through safety and efficacy evaluations in pre-clinical animal models!

CHEM5170/5270 2019 class project paper is published in Metabolites! In it, we show how backyard soil metabolite profiles are influenced by local phenomena and can reveal human behavioral patterns:

January 2020:

2nd annual lab post-Christmas party at Hideaway pizza:

Welcome to the new decade, and welcome to Zongyuan Liu who is joining us for a graduate rotation!

December 2019:

Laura-Isobel is a guest on the Future Tech podcast. Check it out!

November 2019:

Busy month:

New paper out in Nature Microbiology, on the impact of urbanization on the house built environment chemical and microbial profile. Check it out here (or here for access)! It also got some coverage in the popular press: here, here, here, here, here (in German!) and here.

Danya presents her work at NOBCChE in St. Louis.

Laura-Isobel presents at ASTMH.

October 2019:

Graduate student Yiming Zhang joins the lab for his second rotation. Welcome!

Chaoyi passes her preliminary exam. Congratulations!

Laura-Isobel presents at the University of North Texas Health Sciences Center.

September 2019:

Danya passes her preliminary exam. Congratulations!

The McCall lab has received a pilot project award from the Oklahoma Center for Respiratory and Infectious Diseases, to apply chemical cartography to the study of influenza virus infection. Another exciting biological system in which we will explore the relationship between metabolite location and pathogenesis!

Laura-Isobel presents at the University of Texas Medical Branch Center for Tropical Diseases.

Graduate students Lindsie Martin and Stephanie Hayes join us for their first rotation. Welcome!

Annual back-to-school party at Buffalo Wild Wings:

August 2019:

Classes resume. Welcome new students and welcome back, returning Sooners!

Danya and Adwaita present posters at the OK-WISE conference.

July 2019:

Laura-Isobel presents the lab’s exciting systematic analysis of gastrointestinal Chagas disease at San Diego State University.

Fall 2018 CHEM 5170/5180 and CHEM5270/5280 class project paper is published in Building and Environment. Students designed the project, collected the samples, extracted molecules, performed LC-MS analysis, analyzed the data, and wrote the paper. Active learning in action! Check it out here.

June 2019:

We hear a lot of talk about the engineering marvels of Sci-Fi, but what about the biology that inspires alien species? Star Trek includes beautiful examples of mutualism and parasitism, but what would happen if Picard developed an allergy to planetary antigens? All these questions and more were addressed by Laura-Isobel at SoonerCon 28.

May 2019:

May’s been busy, and it’s not even half over! McCall lab is now on twitter. Follow us: @LabMccall

Undergraduate student Adwaita Parab successfully submits her senior thesis and receives her BSc. Congratulations and looking forward to having you back as a graduate student in the fall!

Laura-Isobel gives a “Mornings with the Professor” lecture for the OU Lifelong Learning Institute, focusing on the real-life parasites that inspired aliens in the Star Trek series.

End-of-year posters from freshmen Mitchelle Katemauswa and Camil Gosmanov. Great work guys!

April 2019:

Graduate student Kristyn Hoffman is visiting from Baylor College of Medicine for 10 days, to learn our chemical cartography methods. Welcome!

End-of-year events begin with the LMAMR Spring Gathering at Lake Thunderbird, followed by the McNair Scholars banquet, where undergraduate Karina Flores’ hard work was acknowledged. Keep up the good work!

The McCall lab was well represented at the ACS Pentasectional Meeting. Undergrads Gautham and Karina Flores, and graduate student Chaoyi Wu all presented posters. Dr. McCall chaired the morning biochemistry session and presented some of the 3D GI tract data. Congratulations to Karina for her undergraduate presenter honorable mention prize!

March 2019:

Rotation student Chaoyi Wu decides to join the lab for her PhD. Looking forward to the next five years!

Dr. McCall co-chairs the 2019 Gordon Research Seminar on Tropical Infectious Diseases, with a keynote presentation by Dr. Manu Prakash on frugal science. Great science, great networking, and great career advice. Thank you everyone who attended and made this possible!

February 2019:

The lab holds its first annual post-Christmas party, with pizza and ice cream.

January 2019:

It’s official! Rotation student Danya Dean joins the lab. The lab also grows by two more people, with FYRE students Mitchelle Katemauswa and Camil Gosmanov. Chaoyi Wu also joins us for a rotation. Welcome!

October 2018:

Graduate student Danya Dean joins us for her second rotation. Welcome!

September 2018:

Undergraduate researcher Gautham joins the lab. Welcome!

August 2018:

Karina Flores re-joins the lab after an exciting summer doing field research on avian malaria in Costa Rica.  Welcome back!

Undergraduate researcher Adwaita Parab has been awarded a Mentored Research Award from OU.  Congratulations!

July 2018:

Goodbye lunch for Danyang at the OU Innovation Hub food trucks.  Thanks for all your hard work over the summer!

Visiting student Danyang Li presents her summer research project at the OU Curiosity to Creativity Symposium.  Great job Danyang!

June 2018:

The lab more than doubled in size this month, with visiting student Danyang Li from BNU, MPBIO undergrad Adwaita Parab, and lab manager/RA Shelley Kane joining the team. We held our first lab meeting:

Also, check out this article in Nature on the benefits of joining a brand-new lab, including big new ideas and strong PI commitment to lab member success: We definitely strive to create such an environment!

May 5th 2018:

Undergraduate researcher Karina Flores has been accepted into the OU McNair Scholars Program.  Congratulations!

The lab participates in the Laboratories of Molecular Anthropology and Microbiome Research spring gathering BBQ at Lake Thunderbird.

April 5th 2018:

Laura-Isobel presents a public seminar on “Aliens among us:
From Star Trek to Toxoplasma and Trypanosoma” at the Norman Science Cafe.

April 5th 2018:

The lab’s first 100% made-at-OU publication is now live!  A short review on metabolomics of host-pathogen interactions, with rotation student Sydney Newsom.  Check it out here!

March 24th 2018:

Starting with a bang!  Successfully finished LC-MS analysis of our first set of samples, and it was a big one: 680 samples, in positive and negative mode.  We dream big in the McCall lab…

March 13th 2018:

Our paper on the Chagas disease microbiome is published online. Check it out!

March 5th 2018:

Just finished running ~600 samples on our new instrument.  Lots of fresh data to analyze!

February 19th 2018:

Karina Flores starts working in the lab.  She’ll be learning cell culture skills and working on ways to lyse T. cruzi for metabolomics sample preparation. Welcome!

February 16th 2018:

Training complete, we’re ready to roll!

February 13th 2018:

Three days of training by Thermo Fisher, starting now!

February 8th 2018:

We ran our first test samples on our new QE+ and Vanquish LC system.  And it worked!  Here’s our baby:

All it needs now is a name…

January 30th 2018:

And so it begins…

January 25th 2018:

Parasites are in the house!  Cell culture stocks have arrived safe and sound from San Diego, along with 32 boxes of samples ready to be analyzed.

December 21st 2017:

Ekram Hossain joins the lab as postdoctoral fellow.  Welcome to Oklahoma!

November 9th 2017:

Renovations have begun!  Target end date is November 30th.  We’re hoping to have all our equipment delivered before Christmas!