February 2019:

The lab holds its first annual post-Christmas party, with pizza and ice cream.

January 2019:

It’s official! Rotation student Danya Dean joins the lab. The lab also grows by two more people, with FYRE students Mitchelle Katemauswa and Camil Gosmanov. Chaoyi Wu also joins us for a rotation. Welcome!

October 2018:

Graduate student Danya Dean joins us for her second rotation. Welcome!

September 2018:

Undergraduate researcher Gautham joins the lab. Welcome!

August 2018:

Karina Flores re-joins the lab after an exciting summer doing field research on avian malaria in Costa Rica.  Welcome back!

Undergraduate researcher Adwaita Parab has been awarded a Mentored Research Award from OU.  Congratulations!

July 2018:

Goodbye lunch for Danyang at the OU Innovation Hub food trucks.  Thanks for all your hard work over the summer!

Visiting student Danyang Li presents her summer research project at the OU Curiosity to Creativity Symposium.  Great job Danyang!

June 2018:

The lab more than doubled in size this month, with visiting student Danyang Li from BNU, MPBIO undergrad Adwaita Parab, and lab manager/RA Shelley Kane joining the team. We held our first lab meeting:

Also, check out this article in Nature on the benefits of joining a brand-new lab, including big new ideas and strong PI commitment to lab member success: We definitely strive to create such an environment!

May 5th 2018:

Undergraduate researcher Karina Flores has been accepted into the OU McNair Scholars Program.  Congratulations!

The lab participates in the Laboratories of Molecular Anthropology and Microbiome Research spring gathering BBQ at Lake Thunderbird.

April 5th 2018:

Laura-Isobel presents a public seminar on “Aliens among us:
From Star Trek to Toxoplasma and Trypanosoma” at the Norman Science Cafe.

April 5th 2018:

The lab’s first 100% made-at-OU publication is now live!  A short review on metabolomics of host-pathogen interactions, with rotation student Sydney Newsom.  Check it out here!

March 24th 2018:

Starting with a bang!  Successfully finished LC-MS analysis of our first set of samples, and it was a big one: 680 samples, in positive and negative mode.  We dream big in the McCall lab…

March 13th 2018:

Our paper on the Chagas disease microbiome is published online. Check it out!

March 5th 2018:

Just finished running ~600 samples on our new instrument.  Lots of fresh data to analyze!

February 19th 2018:

Karina Flores starts working in the lab.  She’ll be learning cell culture skills and working on ways to lyse T. cruzi for metabolomics sample preparation. Welcome!

February 16th 2018:

Training complete, we’re ready to roll!

February 13th 2018:

Three days of training by Thermo Fisher, starting now!

February 8th 2018:

We ran our first test samples on our new QE+ and Vanquish LC system.  And it worked!  Here’s our baby:

All it needs now is a name…

January 30th 2018:

And so it begins…

January 25th 2018:

Parasites are in the house!  Cell culture stocks have arrived safe and sound from San Diego, along with 32 boxes of samples ready to be analyzed.

December 21st 2017:

Ekram Hossain joins the lab as postdoctoral fellow.  Welcome to Oklahoma!

November 9th 2017:

Renovations have begun!  Target end date is November 30th.  We’re hoping to have all our equipment delivered before Christmas!